All there is to know 
about events.

Between us at Skakki, we have a wealth of knowledge acquired over 20 years of  experience in the Events and Entertainment Sectors. Our skills range from Production to Management, Marketing and Design and even VFX and Web Development. Dive in, there's a lot to learn.

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COVID-19 Emergency

The events industry suffered a deadly blow as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies, industry professionals and freelancers face uncertain, worrying times ahead, ourselves included, but it's important to stay positive and  make the most of a difficult situation. 
For this reason, at Skakki Studio, we decided to share the wealth of our knowledge with others who might want to use the time to learn some new skills, get advice or expand on what they already know. Between us, we've built an arsenal of skills ranging from technical to creative and practical, that I'm sure many of you could benefit from.

Take a look at the different categories and topics below and feel free to book a session for any of the topics listed. All sessions are 45 mins and limited to 4 people at a time.

Anyone can book up to 4 free sessions using the Coupon Code: SKAKKI-EDU-2020


What does it take to put on a show?

There are many cogs in the Events and Entertainment Machine. A myriad of people with many different roles and responsibilities are necessary to put on a successful show. From developing the concepts, to raising funds beforehand, to creating the designs and planning the production and marketing, there is much to learn about the complexity of Event Production.



Learn almost every aspect of an event's design. From 3D modeling, Visualisation and Rendering, to creating promotional content like Photography, Graphic Design and Web Development.



If you're the technical type, you can geek out with the production side of the events industry. Lighting, Sound, AV and Rigging are bound to lock you down for hours of steep learning.



This is for people who like to be in control and don't buckle under pressure. Planning, funding and managing productions requires a particular set of skills. Learn them here!



In the words of Steve Jobs, "Marketing is a complicated and noisy world..."
You can make it a little less so, through some of the topics found in this category. Dive in, there is a lot to learn.