Our Services

We use an arsenal of 3D tools to design, plan and visualise events.

What we do

From concept development through every aspect of production planning and design.

From simple 2D technical drawings and lighting plots to fully immersive and interactive VR experiences, there is no area of CAD design we haven’t touched on. Meticulous attention to detail and a keen appetite for new challenges keep us ahead of the curve.


2D CAD | 3D Modeling

Creating 3D models lies at the core of everything we do. We do it fast, and we do it well. Our extensive libraries of commonly used elements, allow us to transform basic AutoCAD plans into full 3D models in a matter of hours, or just minutes, depending on complexity. We can also import and export into any format, so working with different file formats  and different applications is never an obstacle. 

2D Technical Drawings

3D Modeling

Lighting Plots

Truss  | Rigging

Seating Layouts

Asset Libraries



We pride ourselves as one of very few studios producing high quality photo-realistic renders in the events and entertainment sectors. With an obsessive attention to detail, we meticulously search for the right textures, lighting conditions and camera settings to produce consistently great results, so our clients can visualise exactly what the event will look like in the real world.


Artistic | Sketch

IES Lighting

PBR | Procedural Texturing

Physical Sun & Sky

Photo Compositing

Depth of Field | Bokeh FX

Post Processing



If a picture speaks a thousand words, multiply it by 1800 in a one-minute clip. Nothing impresses more in a presentation, than a cinematic clip of animation. Along with camera moves, we can also animate elements within the scene, such as video screens, lighting, and pretty much anything else, all without compromising on quality.


Cinematic Look dev

Motion Tracking

Animate anything

Distributed | Real-Time

Fast Turnarounds


AR | VR Interactive

Want to give your clients an immersive experience? Put a VR headset or an iPad in their hands, and watch their reaction. They will be able to see and interact with 3D elements in either a real world context, or completely artificial environments. Walk through the space as if the event was already there, turn lights on and off, select different colours or swap furniture. All in real-time.

360° Virtual Tours

Game-Engine Interactivity

Green Screen Live

Virtual Location

Remote Studio Production

Photo-Realistic quality



Pre-Viz software has become industry standard among many lighting designers, and we’re no exception. So much more can be achieved by preparing a show on a Virtual Rig, where we’re not limited by time, or other typical on-site constraints. We can have the same full control of Lighting, Video LED and Projectors, Media Servers and Moving Scenery as we would do in the real world, and transfer data to lighting desks and Media Servers through cross compatible, industry-standard protocols, including DMX, ArtNet, GDTF, MVR and more. Neat.

Full Virtual Rig

Lighting Desk control

DMX Artnet, sACN

Media Servers

Pixel Mapping

Unlimited Universes


Calculation | Simulation

3D technology goes far beyond mere visualisation tasks. Through AI software, we can simulate and predict many physical behaviours and perform accurate calculations in many areas including lighting , sound and structural. We can create lighting 'Heat Maps' to determine coverage and Lux levels, Audio System Response, reverberation, phase cancellations etc. and complex rigging and structural analysis of load distribution, deflections and more...

Lighting Heat Maps

Rigging Calculations

Structural Analysis

Sound System Design

Acoustic Space Modelling

Acoustic Prediction


Inspired by Art.
Driven by vision.
Built on Experience.

Our goal is to bring the same client-focused, photo-realistic presentation quality that is afforded to the Architectural and Industrial Design sectors, with complete focus on Event Production.


Our background is in Event Production, we don't just visualise it... we understand it!

Skakki is built on 15 years of hands on experience in Events and Entertainment. We have a great understanding of all technical areas of Theatre, Live Music, TV studios and Corporate Events, this way we can guarantee that our visualizations will not only look beautiful, but they can also be delivered exactly as seen, for any event format.

Lighting Design




We create full, production-ready light plots and all necessary paperwork, including fixture data, schematics and inventory reports down to the last cable. We can also embed all channel information and DMX addresses, which will transfer seamlessly to either our Real-Time Lighting Visualiser, or to any lighting console, leaving you to focus on the event in full confidence, that nothing is left to chance.

System Design

Prediction and Calculation

3D Acoustic Simulation


Poor sound quality could spoil an event altogether, no matter how well everything else works. With state of the art simulation and prediction software, we can accurately calculate room acoustics and every aspect of a PA system’s response, including coverage, phase cancellations, delay, reflections and more.

Set and Stage Design

Seating Layouts

Truss and Rigging Calculations

Set & Stage Design

Did you know that most stage accidents happen because of human error? Even the smallest shift in weight can have a dramatic impact on the overall load distribution of a complex rig.  With the help of revolutionary software, we are able to accurately calculate every aspect of a rig and create full structural reports including deflection forces, bridle analysis and total workload divided by categories, for complete peace of mind.

LED Arrays | Pixel Mapping

Projection Mapping

Camera & Broadcast Systems

AV | Video

Video plays a major role in almost every production nowadays, whether it's a PowerPoint presentation, a multi-projector setup running multiple sources through media servers, large LED arrays for complex visual effects or live camera feeds for broadcast, video technology sees a multitude of applications and different technologies, all of which require good planning and preparation. From creating content through specifying systems, we've got it covered.

Sound Design

Never underestimate 
the impact of good sound.

You can plunge a concert into darkness, but as long as the music keeps playing, the show will go on… On the contrary, even small mistakes in the audio will be noticed, and poor sound quality will spoil the event altogether, no matter how well everything else works.

Why choose Skakki

Who can benefit from our services?


Production / Hire

Production companies can significantly reduce their planning workload and concentrate on the delivery and execution of the event. On-site preparation time can be greatly reduced as well, thus saving valuable hours of venue hire.


PR Agencies

The Corporate Event sector is all about presentation, and we can help bring the Brands' vision to life through our renders and visualisations. We can also liaise with production and hire companies to make sure no technical jargon is lost in translation.


Venues | Locations

Venues can increase their profile by offering interactive virtual tours, with the ability to visualise spaces in different configurations right on their website. Update their technical drawings to 3D, provide comprehensive Tech Specs and much more.


Festivals | Outdoor

With the help of Aerial Photogrammetry (3D terrain scan) outdoor events can create 3D maps of large areas to accurately plan the infrastructure of stages, access routes, tents and facilities, reducing site surveys from weeks to just days or even hours.

Why choose Skakki

What sets Skakki apart from the rest?


Highly Specialised

We don’t build, we don’t stock and we don’t transport. Not having equipment to rent or sell, maintain and repair, a warehouse to manage and daily logistics to keep track of, we can focus purely on what we do best: Plan and Design.


On your side

Whether you’re an agency, a production / hire company or a venue, we only answer to you and we’re always there to serve your best interests. We can help liaise with suppliers and we will always negotiate the best options on your behalf.


Time saving

Centralising the design process can have many benefits, but saving time and money are undoubtedly the most obvious ones. Creating a rendering while also planning the production, for example, kills two birds with one stone.


Pushing Boundaries

As much as event production, we are passionate about technology and we like to keep up-to-date with the fast evolving world of 3D. We’re always looking to implement newer, faster and more efficient ways to design events, and we like to be among the first to employ new tech.