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We are located in the beautiful city of Turin, in northern Italy’s Piedmont Region. Turin is known as the city of Kings as it was the former capital of the Duchy of Savoia, before the unification of the Republic. It is famous for delicious food and wine produce, Nutella, Fiat, Juventus and many other things.In reality, we operate across many countries in Europe. Connect to us via any of the channels of Social Media below, drop us an email, or if you prefer give us a call.

Should you wish to drop in for a visit, our address is:​

Via Amedeo Peyron 14
10143 - Turin

real life people

Enzo Appetecchia | Director

+39 011 586 2348
+39 320 346 7211

Natalie Richardson | Producer

+39 320 348 0269

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