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From concept development, through every aspect of production planning and design, we cover a wide range of services.
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Our designs and visualizations have helped a wide range of clients deliver many successful events.

Why me?

Why Skakki?

We're highly specialised

We don’t build, we don’t stock and we don’t transport. Not having equipment to rent or sell, maintain and repair, a warehouse to manage and daily logistics to keep track of, we can focus purely on what we do best: Plan and Design.

We're on your side

Whether you’re an agency, a production / hire company or a venue, we only answer to you and we’re always there to serve your best interests. We can help liaise with suppliers and we will always negotiate the best options on your behalf.

Time and Money

Centralising the design process can have many benefits, but saving time and money are undoubtedly the most obvious ones. Creating a rendering while also planning the production, for example, kills two birds with one stone.

Pushing the boundaries

As much as event production, we are passionate about technology and we like to keep up-to-date with the fast evolving world of 3D. We’re always looking to implement newer, faster and more efficient ways to design events, and we like to be among the first to employ new tech.

Why You?

Who is it for?

Production / Hire companies

Production companies can significantly reduce their planning workload and concentrate on the delivery and execution of the event. On-site preparation time can be greatly reduced as well, thus saving valuable hours of venue hire.

PR and Communications Agencies

The Corporate Event sector is all about presentation, and we can help bring their visions to life through our renders and design skills. We can also liaise with production and hire companies on their behalf, to make sure no technical jargon is lost in translation.

Venues, Museums and Exhibition Halls

Venues can increase their profile with a fully interactive 3D model of the space and offer complete virtual tours, with the ability to visualize spaces in different configurations, right on their website. Update their technical drawings to 3D, provide comprehensive Tech Specs and much more.

Festivals and Outdoor Events

With the help of Aerial Photogrammetry (a 3D scan of the terrain using drones) outdoor events can create a full 3D map of large areas, including terrain, trees, rocks etc. to accurately plan the locations of the infrastructure such as stages, access routes, tents and facilities, reducing site surveys from weeks to just days or even hours.

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