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Virtual Event

One of the main advantages of virtual events is that you're not limited by any real-world constraints, so you can let your imagination and creativity run wild to create your perfect space.

The Magic of a Virtual Location

Co-designed with the superb folks from London based studio Partytecture, this project was commissioned by a high profile corporate client who shall remain nameless due to NDA.

The client wanted to create a modern, minimalist and very bright auditorium in style with their corporate identity as the location for their online virtual event, to give attendees the illusion they were in a real space. The large cinema screen was used to play keynote speeches, PPT presentations and videos of the virtual event's content.

Skakki Studio and Partytecture worked hard together on the architectural features of the space, drawing inspiration from a number of real-world locations while also creating something original.

The Challenge

Striking the right balance between the brightness and character of the room and the visibility of the screen, without negatively impacting the viewer's experience took a lot of trial and error.

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