Virtual Studio

Create the event you've always wanted, wherever you want it.

Sneak Preview

Discover the power of Virtual Live Events.

You can plunge a concert into darkness, but as long as the music keeps playing, the show will go on… On the contrary, even small mistakes in the audio will be noticed, and poor sound quality will spoil the event altogether, no matter how well everything else works.

What we do

We focus on 3D technologies and virtual environments to plan and design events.

We want Skakki to become the go-to solution for all 3D design, visualisation and presentation demands across the Events industry. Capitalising on the fast evolving technologies of 3D, animation, VR / AR and immersive interactive environments, we want to bring unprecedented control to the world of event planning and pre-production.



This is where we get an idea of the projects' scope and requirements  so we can outline key objectives and define a clear vision.



The 5-P's rule: Proper planning prevents poor performance. Budgets, schedules, logistics. The devil is in the details.



Through our 3D virtual production process, our clients can visualise the design process every step of the way.



We can oversee every aspect of the production and liaise with venues and suppliers to ensure a smooth delivery.


Inspired by Art.
Driven by vision.
Built on Experience.

Our goal is to bring the same client-focused, photo-realistic presentation quality that is afforded to the Architectural and Industrial Design sectors, with complete focus on Event Production.