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What do you see when you picture a futuristic event? That's right, shiny white plastics and soft curves. That's where the idea for Pods came from.

Soft curves

This is one of Skakki's entirely own creations. As it wasn't a commission, we decided to let our creative juices run wild, or did we...?

While the design might seem slightly over-ambitious, we conceived it with deliverability in mind, like all of our designs. The 2 suspended rooms can easily be recreated using shipping containers as the base structure, while the walls and floor can be covered with readily available adhesive vinyl rolls. The bespoke furniture is nothing but sheets of plywood finished with shiny white paint and stacked with spacers. They can easily be built by any workshop using CNC machines, which we can provide all the necessary cut-ready templates for. A few strips of LED flex complete the design.

The Challenge

This was mainly an exercise in organic forms. Many events are created using standard scenic elements like decks, straight truss and plywood sheets. If it wasn't for distinguishing features like logos and branding, it would be impossible to tell them apart. We wanted to create something more unique looking, but still easy to build, to demonstrate that being different, is not so difficult.

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