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Deutsche Filmpreis


Special screening

When it comes to rendering, nothing can quite match the inspiration we can take from Pixar's Wall-E. A seamless blend of timeless classics, futuristic design and astute storytelling.

A Timeless Classic

This is one of our very first designs. The origin, where Skakki's journey started.

The location was in Berlin, a corporate giant's flagship store, one of only a handful in the world to have a dedicated events space, this one being the largest outside of their HQ in Cupertino.
The space used to be an old cinema, before the Store took over the lease. Renovations were carried out to meet their strictly modern design criteria, with some original features retained as inspiration.

The design came as a request to re-create a 'Cinema' setting for a special series of Podcast events centred around the Deutsche Filmpreis Festival. A large screen, some curtains and the seating layout was all that was needed to transform the empty space into a cinema, while wireless LED up-lighters and two large chandeliers completed the minimalist design.

The Challenge

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of this render was creating the caustic reflections and illumination from the chandeliers. The details on the ceiling had to be subtle but clearly visible to give the design an elegant look, typical of the brand's designs.

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