The Zen Dome

Dinner Gala in the Vineyards






Ca' del Bosco Winemakers


Private Dinner Gala

Where is the best place to enjoy a good bottle of wine with dinner? Right by the vineyards, of course. Meet the Zen Dome.

Gala in the vineyards

One of Italy's most well known wine producers, Ca' del Bosco, wanted to honour one of its founding members with a dinner gala on the occasion of his birthday.
They were looking for an intimate setting for a few selected guests, as close to the vineyards as possible. A modular, pop up tent was used as the structure, with completely transparent side walls, so guests could enjoy the beautiful countryside providing the backdrop.

The Challenge

We wanted to give the image a 'hazy' cool summer's evening atmosphere, to reflect the beautiful countryside of northern Italy. 'Volumetric fog' was the answer. It gave a nice subtle effect to both the background and the lighting inside the tent.

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